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  • 3D file marketplace MyMiniFactory releases ‘3DPrinted & Delivered’ service February 20, 2020
    London-based 3D file marketplace, MyMiniFactory, has released a new 3D printing service for tabletop hobbyists still hesitant about committing to a 3D printer. The 2013 start-up is doubling down on its services catering to designers, makers, and general enthusiasts by setting up a separate marketplace for physical miniatures alongside its digital STL file marketplace which […]
    Kubi Sertoglu
  • nScrypt succeeds in microdispensing consistent 50 micron dots for 3D printed electronics February 20, 2020
    High-precision micro dispenser manufacturer, nScrypt, has announced the successful 3D printing of solder and adhesive dots in the 50-micron range. Using its new SmartPump conical pen tip, the Florida-based company is able to precisely control the volume of material deposited from its state-of-the-art micro dispenser designed for electronics. The achievement is expected to advance the […]
    Kubi Sertoglu