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  • Smooth operation eliminates FDM stair-stepping in University of Hamburg study August 23, 2019
    Researchers at the University of Hamburg in Germany, have proposed a novel way of slicing 3D printed objects to create smoother results. By 3D printing nonplanar layers close to the horizontal, this slicing method removes the stair-stepping effect typical to FDM surfaces. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, objects 3D printed this way have shown […]
    Arlene Lo
  • INTERVIEW: Urwahn target 3D printed production of 100 bike frames by end of year August 23, 2019
    German bicycle manufacturer Urwahn Bikes and Austrian custom motorcycle brand Vagabund Moto have collaborated to create a novel bicycle with a 3D printed steel frame. An unusual design, 3D printing means that the so-called “Stadtfuchs” or “city fox” is more lightweight than usual, and electrical components are streamlined into the frame. Already the partners have fulfilled 50 […]
    Tia Vialva