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  • Northwestern researchers develop large scale SLA HARP 3D printer with record throughput October 18, 2019
    Researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, have developed a new 3D printer that they claim can print half a yard (457.2 mm) in an hour, a reportedly record-breaking throughput in 3D printing.  Called HARP (high-area rapid printing), the speed and size of the system, standing at 13-feet (3962 mm) tall, can allow users to […]
    Anas Essop
  • Interview with the ICSR: A 3D printed gun was not used in the Halle terror attack October 18, 2019
    Widespread media coverage of the recent attack on a synagogue in Halle, Germany, reported that the gunman responsible was wielding a 3D printed gun. An incredibly abhorrent attack, taking the lives of two people and injuring others, the claims have not gone unnoticed by the 3D printing industry. As cases of this nature are so […]
    Beau Jackson