You can transform your Ideas in Photo Realistic 3D Models

We Print CMYK High Resolution with fine features and photo realistic by using natural products based build materials. You can transform your ideas in high-quality 3D Models Prints.

Reliefs Printing

A Relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background of the same material. The term relief comes from the Latin verb relevo, to raise. What is this different to a 3d printing with a CJP 660 Series Printer where the printed object raise from the bottom of the print-bed to become a relief sculpture. And as a topping in full DMYK color which is useful for maps or even in monochrome. Antique art reloaded.

Architectural Models

Surprise your customer with a customized 3D printed Model
In a highly reduces time frame he is used to wait. You may have the CAD file already on your computer. From there to print is only a short while. We can provide you with a maquette in white gypsum, but it will look much better and impress your client even further if it were fully colored.

Figurines to Print

PetitMe is an online store, located in South Florida. We can create unique custom selfies known as "3D printed figurines". PetitMe is using amazing 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies to produce a variety of different models with custom faces, sizes, and colors. Go to But we will also print your own figurine creation so you would not have to order through PetitMe. Just send us your selfie CAD File.

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With some of the fastest print speeds available, the ProJet CJP 660 Series can transform your ideas into photo-realistic concept models and prototypes in hours. We deliver a printed version of your designed parts and objects in speed time so you can see the results quickly for evaluation. Any adjustments are easy and quick to make. Remember: lower cost and higher speed provides competitive advantage.

Artist, Animators and Digital sculptor

Gypsum printed models can be offered in any size and any shape.
Comparing to filament printing technology you see no scars of removed support structure. That allows a clear and smooth texture surface - and, it's all in full color. No other print technology can provide this. That will enhance the beauty of the art you are

Photo Realistic

High-resolution and photo-realistic colors models with full DMYK capability let you better evaluate the look, feel and style of body parts under medical treatment. Simulate an scheduled operation with your team on a fully colored model. This can safe you time and error. Or even share an upcoming joy-able event with an print using a ultrasound 4d file.

What is Color Jet Printing technology?

Black is black and white is white. But only colored things make life colorful - isn’t it.
Not too many of us remember when the television switched from black and white into the colored transmission and even less will remember when the film industry in the 30th launched its first colored movie in the cinemas.

Today, however, it is for all of us quite usual to enjoy colored movies in the cinema or on TV.
And a printed sheet of paper, coming out of a color desktop printer is very common.

Not yet so in the 3-D printing industry. Although you'll find a lot of colored filament for the FDM technologies it still lucks on the possibility to integrate colored filaments into a new colored combination. You might be using the possibility to change one filament with another during the printing process - what is very time consuming and demanding very precise handling - or even use a printer with more than one extruder. However, the result will always be limited and show a multi color monochrome result.

But we are not talking here about FDM technology. Our printed product will be using a technology called Powder Binding.

Invented in 1993 at MIT, this is an additive manufacturing method that works by solidifying a powder with a binder. This technology was brought in 2012 by 3D systems from the exclusive right holder Z Corporation and renamed as ColorJet Printing.

The technology solidified the powder with a binder and colors it according to the instructions that have been transmitted to the computer by using a CAD file. The platform will lower layer by layer of powder and spread and bound in turn. And layer by layer the object takes shape.

But the best thing about this technique is that it gives you the possibility to print fully colored objects with thousands of color combinations. Another advantage is that the powder bed avoid the need for printing supports, allowing for a creation of very complex objects. No need to take away the supporting marks which with other 3 D printing technology is a time-consuming effort.

After its post-treatment process of removing all unsolidified powder, the printed objects will be varnished to retrieve the color and to make it more the piece more solid. A further treatment will make the surface even more smooth and will give to your piece that photorealistic look what makes this 3 D printing technology unique.


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We are a 3D printing Services that specialize in 3D printing full color sandstone. With our Professional machine Projet 660 Pro we can print Print in multiple Colors objects by printing binding material into the layers of gypsum powder.